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Professional authors supporting professional sportspeople

All athletes know the value of top-quality coaching.  So if you have been meaning to start your own blog, you want to make your tweets more effective, if you have a burning desire to write a book or just master the skills of good English, you’ll need the best help there is.

The proWriting Coaches are all professional, published authors.  All of them have been Fellows of the Royal Literary Fund, which means that they have huge experience in mentoring and developing writers.  And they all have sporting connections; so you couldn’t be in better hands.

The core of the scheme is the 121: you get the individual attention you need. Sometimes we arrange for group sessions with national representative associations or with individual clubs.  But nothing beats that personal attention.  

We work with:

Athletes and sportspeople at all stages of their careers

Coaching staff


Academy players

Sportspeople with long-term injuries

Late-career professionals


To find out more about us, or to locate your nearest proWriting Coach, just follow the menus.  To contact us as a network please follow the links for Max Adams.